We do not see ourselves as ‘air quality advisors’. To be honest, we never thought much about air quality other than to follow the news and learn that the quality of our outdoor air was getting worse every year. Neither of us realized that indoor air was twice as polluted as outdoor air. The reality check was when our 10-year-old son thrashed around night after night and woke up with severe congestion and runny eyes. This led us to develop some ‘street smarts’ about indoor air quality.

After numerous visits to our HMO, we realized they had little help to offer. An alternative care provider convinced us that our son’s new, top-quality mattress and bedding were major contributors to the problem. They were not only made from synthetic ingredients, they had been treated with fire-retardant chemicals.

We went the route of allergen barriers that were dust-mite proof, such as covers for his mattress and comforter, as well as a special pillow. They provided some relief but not enough. The best relief came from a quality air purifier which he uses to this day, many years later. He stopped tossing and turning and woke up with clear sinuses. That made all of us feel better! As parents, we then purchased quality air purifiers for our bedroom and the living room / dining room areas. We maintain them to this day.

We wish you the same benefits. Whether you seek relief from pet dander or even pet birds, quality air units can make a huge difference. Please read carefully the pages of this website and you will soon discover why we chose the air purifiers that we feature.

To your health!

John and Sandra Merlo