Air Purifiers for the Home

Annual worldwide statistics show an increase in respiratory disease. Air pollution is thought to be the main cause. Although many believe air pollution is only a problem outdoors, recent evidence shows that our indoor environment can be even more toxic. The time spent in crowded office buildings, schools, malls, places of worship, restaurants, and sports arenas contributes to respiratory problems. More and more, the danger grows from getting sick from polluted air in our own homes.

Fortunately, automobile exhaust stays outside, but plenty of products used indoors can contribute to toxic air inside our homes. The indoor pollution from toxic gasses such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can be ten times worse than outside pollution. These VOCs come from products purchased in grocery and hardware stores!

Air Purifiers for Allergies

Check your cupboards and drawers for sources: cleaning supplies, pesticides, flea killers, glue, craft materials, permanent markers, and even your printer! Another major problem, tobacco smoke, can be even if it is second hand.

What is needed to have clean air at home? First, store cleaning supplies, pesticides, etc., in a separate, sealed container to lessen release of so many toxic gasses into your home. Next, make a decision to get a quality air purifier to restore totally quality air. Be sure it contains a HEPA air filter that can remove microscopic particles even smaller than a virus. By reducing dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and even mold spores, an air purifier can minimize allergens. Vacuuming and sweeping remove particles you can see, but they also contribute to the problem by releasing microscopic particles into the home air everyone breathes. If it is in your home air, you can be sure it is in your lungs.

Which of the different kinds of air filter / purifier is best for your needs? Some are free standing while others are wall mounted. Be sure the unit is sturdy, well manufactured, and attractive so it fits with your decor. To get the most for your money, choose one with high ACH (area changes per hour) that covers a large area. Most can be easily installed. Some are quieter than others, ideal for bedrooms or even a baby nursery. An ionizer is often a feature because research has shown that negative ions can create a pleasant feeling and also bind with pollutants. This makes the air even cleaner for those who are more sensitive, usually the younger and older family members. If ultraviolet light is used for this, verify that an independent laboratory or the manufacturer guarantees that no ozone is created in this process.

For safer, cleaner air, a quality air purifier is a major step toward better health. Warning: Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to clean and change the air filters!

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